They Made My Cupcake

I promised to post pictures of anyone who made my Janet Jackson breast cupcakes for this year’s superbowl. So far I’ve only heard from two people–I know there are more of you out there! Come flash your carnal copycat creations to the world! These folks did…

Like Brad of Brad and


And Karen and Aaron Freeman had their version too:


Karen writes: “I had started to adorn them all with her body jewelry, but thinking it looked more like white spiders than the silvery star, I opted to leave the rest naked.”

Yes, those nipple shields do look a spidery. Hope everyone had a great Superbowl! (I only caught the halftime show—perhaps I should make a Paul McCartney scrotum cake?) (WHAT! You didn’t see it! He totally flashed his scrotum during “Hey Jude!” I’m not kidding! Gives new meaning to the lyric: “The movement you need is on your scrotum”)

4 thoughts on “They Made My Cupcake”

  1. Wow – everyone did a great job with the breast cupcakes. I wanted to make them, but common sense (and members of my immediate family) told me that I might be held accountable for any resulting psychological trauma on some of the small children at the party. As though Paul McCartney weren’t traumatising?

  2. Okay, the pictures loaded up first before the text and I says to myself, “those are some breasty lookin’ cupcakes!” So I say mission most definitely accomplished!

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