Thank You Beth Rang! Thank you mom!

My mom told me yesterday to go down in the morning (meaning this morning) to check for a package. She was sending me something, she said, and it was perishable.

So of course, this morning, I ran downstairs with gusto (and, in actuality, I DID run downstairs with gusto–all 23 flights–because for my playwriting class I had to break a ritual, and I decided to break the ritual of riding the elevator). Anyway, I got downstairs and there were two packages. One from my mom and one from

I took them back upstairs and opened the box from my mom first. A huge tin of Godiva chocolates for Valentine’s Day! She did this last year too and I have to say, I don’t care what Dr. Freud says–my mom’s my favorite Valentine ever.

Then I explored the msyerious Amazon box. I opened it and found inside Amanda Hesser’s “The Cook and The Gardener.” I wanted this book! Who bought me this book?

Then I saw the name on the slip–Beth Rang. Who is Beth Rang? Then I put it together: she bought it from my secret Amazon Wishlist, buried deeply and practically invisbly on the site. She even wrote a note: “Thank you for the fun! The best to you with school.”

Awww. This is the best thing ever. Thank you so much, Beth. It made me so giddy to get this book. I took it with me all day and I’ve been flipping through it and I’m loving it. I’ll be cooking from it in the near future and just think—for every bite I take, I’ll be thinking of you…and I don’t even know you! But seriously, thanks again. You made my day.

6 thoughts on “Thank You Beth Rang! Thank you mom!”

  1. That’s such a nice gesture! Adam, you’ll love this book. I got it for Christmas and have been doing a lot of cooking from it. Like “Cooking for Mr. Latte,” it’s also just fun and interesting to read, aside from the excellent recipes. Enjoy!

  2. I, too, received a mysterious package from my mother that turned out to be Godiva chocolates. It made me happy. Surprisingly happy. And several pounds heavier already, I’m sure.

    What struck me as particularly funny is that I don’t think, in the 20 years of my life, I have ever seen my parents exchange Valentine’s gifts, yet since I was in kindergarten my mom has always given my brother and I valentines.

    Think about that, Mr. Psychologist!

  3. *blush* I didn’t think you’d actually say my name. I really liked Cooking for Mr. Latte, and hope you enjoy this book. Thanks again!


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