Patricia’s PeTIT Fours

I woke up this morning to the following images in my e-mail and nearly fell out of my chair laughing:


They come from Patricia in Paree. Patricia writes:

First of all thanks for being so brilliant and inspiring, secondly I’m still very hung over from last night so I’ll keep this brief. Attached are my French version of the breast cupcakes. I’ll call them “PeTIT Fours” or maybe “Titty Fours”. Anyway, I used Nigela’s Fairy Cakes recipe (even though I hate her cause she’s beautiful). I Did 24 minis instead of the called for 12 cupcakes.. I meant to use Odense

Marzipan to decorate them but ate both logs before I could get started, so had to run out and buy ready made Wilton fondant (not so tempting), which was totally bland so I added Cointreau. Brushed the

cakes with Cointreau as well. Anyway the good thing was that the colors of the fondant allowed me to make my breasts racially diverse. The piercing was easily and elegantly handled with silver nonpariels.

So that’s it. They’re not the voluptuous breasts Americans have come to expect, but the French “no more that a mouthful” variety. Each type has its admirers I would guess. So, that’s it, thanks again for the great site. Bisous, Patricia.

I think I’ve been breasted…I mean bested! But I accept defeat gladly. Well done, Patricia!

13 thoughts on “Patricia’s PeTIT Fours”

  1. i wish we could get those little silver ball things here

    they are illegal in the US

    at least that’s what i heard and I never found them in San Francisco

    they make such fantastic nipple piercings and they taste good too.

    I know – I used to love sucking on them back in Europe.

    does anyone know if you can get them any where in the States?????

  2. Patricia, these are glorious!

    Sam, you can get the silver balls in the US, at least in NYC if not in California. I’ve usually found them under the name “silver dragees”. Contact me (click on the name) if you want me to send you some.

  3. Silver dragees are illegal in California? In NY, NJ & NH (the only states I’ve looked!), they sell ’em even in the cruddiest grocery stores, right next to the jimmies. You might also try a craft store that has a Wilton section if you want more variety.

    Also, “I meant to use Odense Marzipan to decorate them but ate both logs before I could get started” made me laugh out loud.

  4. Phew, it’s not the whole nation that’s crazy then, just Californian.

    I am going to have to invent a dish made entirely of foie gras and silver dragees

    thanks for all the tips every one

  5. “I am going to have to invent a dish made entirely of foie gras and silver dragees”

    now you have me laughing out loud…right…A Culinary Ode to the California Legal System…

  6. Gotta admit, I’ve never received so many compliments on my breasts. Thanks for the feedback.

    Regarding the dragees, sells the little silver guys. So does, but they say, “sorry this product is not available for sale in California”. Dudes… what’s up that? As the locals migh ask.

  7. so we have some little pink tara reids to match the janet jacksons! I loved Patricia’s post. 2 logs of marizpan– ugh.

    I made the chocolate ones for a friend’s birthday a couple days ago. they were a big hit (cream cheese-mocha icing…mmmm), but no photos, sorry!

    next time I will try pink marizpan PeTIT fours too.


  8. hi patricia i must say you are very hot.

    i wanna know how much you will charch for one scene. i came from europe and i make porns.

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