Lisa and the Cashew Bars (Introducing the S70)

So today Lisa came with me to J&R near City Hall to pick out my new camera—a birthday gift from my parents that I was to gift myself because it was easier that way (and nicer, because I got to pick my own camera). Of course, Lisa and I got lost on the subway and ended up deep in Brooklyn (when going to J&R and from Chelsea, make sure not to take the N train–take the R or the W!) Anyway, my friend James Felder (who is a photographer and has his own category on this site, as well as his own photo website) recommended I get the S70 after a long discussion in which I said, “If you were given unlimited money and had to buy me a camera based on my needs and what you think would be best for me what would you buy me?” And he said the S70—so that was enough for me.

And so far I love it. I love how you have so much control over your image. There are all these settings like “portrait,” “landscape,” “night,” etc etc that do all these cool things I barely understand. Lisa and I had cashew bars at Amy’s Bread for dessert tonight (after a really good dinner at an Italian place on Bleeker) and I snapped this photo of Lisa on a setting I barely remember, but which came out great—look at those sexy cashew bars! I Photoshopped it—adjusted levels, colors and contrast–and this is the result: (you really need to click it to notice any major difference from this and the old pictures…)


So a new age has begun! The age of the S70! Can I get a wut wut?

4 thoughts on “Lisa and the Cashew Bars (Introducing the S70)”

  1. Doh. I was going to say one more thing – get a HUGE memory card, especially if you’re thinking of shooting RAW format images.. With a 1GB card, shooting full res superfine JPEG, I can put about 325 shots on the card. Flip that over to RAW format and the number drops to 123. If you do get a larger card, make sure you get a high-speed card – you’ll want it for the large images you’ll be writing..

  2. Adam

    I am worried! You say “I snapped this photo of Lisa on a setting I barely remember, but which came out great—look at those sexy cashew bars!” And I say to myself, well it’s Valentines day here in Oz and if I were Lisa (which would take some doing, and not any doing that I want to even contemplate!!!) I would be most put out. Now, this may be tricky territory, but surely even for a foody, Lisa is more sexy than the cashew bars? Yes, the cashew bars may be sexy, but some acknowledgement of Lisa first would, no doubt, go down a treat with her of the female persuasion who often accompanies you on your escapades. By the way, as I am being rude with admonishments and unsolicited advice, “broken” not “broke” in your piece a little way back!

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