I Went to The Gates

I made a special trip today to see The Gates in Central Park. Many people find The Gates suspect, they scream out “waste!” “pretension!” “orange!” but I just took it for what it was and found myself thoroughly seduced. I liked these gates. Here I am appreciating the gates. My facial expression seems to say: “Hmm, I mean, they’re big and orange and billowy, but I can still like them, right?”


And here’s a big gate in case you want to see one up close:


What I liked about the Gates most was the sense of being swallowed up in some surreal happening. There were Gates tourbuses, Gates tourguides, Gates t-shirts. There were tourists and locals, picture-takers and wanderers. In my biggest flight of fancy, I imagined we were in some enchanted kingdom that really liked the color orange. I left The Gates and went to the Time Warner Center so I could buy olive oil at Williams Sonoma. (See this is food related.) I attempted to pay the cashier in orange fabric. She smacked me. And my flight of fancy was over.

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  2. I went to the gates this past weekend and loved it. I just walked and walked and walked, I couldn’t stop walking! I really felt part of something and their was such a pleasantly celebratory and optimistic atmosphere in the air. Most of my friends are laughing at the piece (I got my BFA with them years ago) which I think speaks a lot about what is considered “good” or “acceptable” by the art community today. I think they feels much more comfortable with the esoteric, sardonic and glib, or hostile. Something so large, embracing, democratic and uplifting is subject to clever little jokes.

    Although I do like this clever little joke, can’t help it as I adore cats…

    Shortcut to: http://www.not-rocket-science.com/door_gates.htm

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