Deleting The Past

We’ve reached an inevitable moment here at The Amateur Gourmet. We have 13 months worth of photos, songs and movies stored on that thing we call the interwebnet and now we’ve hit our capacity. Last night I tried to post pictures from a restaurant and my .mac account told me: “YOU GOT NO SPACE LEFT, FOOL.” See, for the smaller pictures you see and enjoy every day, I post them on .mac and link to them through HTML. Otherwise, for the large pictures, I upload them through Typepad. But my Typepad capacity is now at like 300%. So my only choice, really, is to start deleting the old pictures from .mac. My friend James Felder supports this decision. He says, “You aren’t the Encyclopedia Britainnica.”

All that really means is that my archives won’t be as fully illustrated and that I may have to delete a bunch of songs and maybe some movies. So if you want to spend today filling your hard drive with memories of my meals-eaten past, you may want to do so. All things must end. The center cannot hold. Give peace a chance. Happy deletion day!

10 thoughts on “Deleting The Past”

  1. for the love of all that is holy, in the name of Amanda Hesser, please don’t delete ‘Cooking Light With Pancetta’ or — gasp! — the ‘Video Message From Lolita.’ pleeeeeeease! :)

  2. Delete the songs, not the movies. And not Meow Mix. And if you do the movies, get rid of Timmy or the graduation video or marshmallows or nectarine pie. The other stuff must be kept.

  3. Have you thought about moving the whole shebang to a regular webhost like DreamHost? I bet your readers would take up a collection if it was out of your price range.

    Maybe you could also try storing your photos someplace like flickr, which would give you some more free space.

  4. Photobucket is another option. Its not like you are going to be serving up archival pics often enough to go through the bandwidth.

  5. Please don’t get rid of your graduation video. I think it’s wonderful but always wondered how you managed to get from your father saying “get a job” to what you are doing now.

    And did you pass the bar? Did I miss that announcement?

  6. As someone who switched from Typepad to Dreamhost, I cannot be happier. Dreamhost costs less that the top-tier Typepad hosting, which I assume you have to maintain complete template control. Dreamhost also gives you three domains for the price of one – oh, my!

    Btw, you can host all of your images in the meanwhile on Flickr. The basic membership is free.

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