Cinema Veritaste: “Timmy’s Valentine’s Day”

I know millions of readers are curious about how I spent my Valentine’s Day, but surely you’re more curious to know how Timmy spent his Valentine’s Day. Who’s Timmy? Find out in: Timmy’s Valentine’s Day. A short film by yours truly. Hope you got lots of roses and chocolates and things.

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  1. Really Off-Topic

    Do any of you have weird food dreams?

    Last night,I dreamt I had a flower stem in my hand, but when I looked at the bloom, there was a cooked shrimp at the end instead of a rose. It was curling and uncurling as if it were alive. Yuk!

    I was so disgusted that in the dream I woke up, only to find cut-up cooked lobsters crawling up my bed desparate to attack me. There were single claws moving forward by clutching at my blanket and separated lobster bodies waving their antennas at me. The lobster parts were totally intent on doing me harm.

    What do you think? Is there some secret meaning to this dream or am I just sick and wrong? :)

  2. It’s unfair to judge yourself as sick and wrong based on the bizarre things your unconscious comes up with while you’re asleep. :-)

    But yes, I’ve had weird food dreams. Thinking about anything as much as many of us think about our next meal will definitey lead to crazy dreams, in our case, food-laden ones.

    But aside from that, when was the last time you had shellfish? Eww!!

  3. I don’t have the food dreams so much as the booze induced liquid dreams. You know the ones where you are riding on the back of a dolphin in an ocean of orange juice. Anyone? Maybe I just drink way too much.

  4. I was just going to call you a sick puppy but I see your dad has beat me to it.

    What weird wave length am I currently on? I’ve posted two comments and both include your father.

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