A Brave Sandwich for Brave People

Today I returned to ‘Wichcraft and ordered something very daring: an anchovy sandwich with poached egg.


It’s hard to know how you’re reacting to that photo. Do you think that looks delicious? Repulsive? Somewhere in between?

If you are someone who is repulsed, consider the following. Anchovies are salty; salty things are yummy. Pretzels are salty, therefore they are yummy. Also: these aren’t anchovies that you get out of a little can, packed in oil. These are fresh white anchovies and are meatier and less slimy.

The sandwich also featured carmelized onions and salsa verde which, according to my research, involves garlic and parsley. The best part, though, is the poached egg. The yolk bleeds all over the sandwich and provides a creamy contrast to the brinyness of the anchovies. It’s a strange sandwich, yes–not your ordinary, everyday Lunchable or PBJ. But if you enjoy adventure and salty things and egg yolks, this is the sandwich for you.

5 thoughts on “A Brave Sandwich for Brave People”

  1. I once had a poached egg and french fry sandwhich that was surprisingly tasty. It came on a caraway roll and was smothered in a very spicy pepper sauce called slata meshweya, so I really couldn’t taste it anyway, could only feel the contrasts with my tongue of the mealy potatoes and creamy egg. Actually, the egg was sort of poached in oil, so I’m not sure if you’d call it a fried egg or a poached egg… Less heat and more sardines probably would be better!

  2. I read about that sandwich somewhere and have been wanting to try making one here at home (I’m in Seattle, far from ‘Wichcraft). Now I know I MUST! Mmmm, sounds so perfect.

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