Wheeee, We’re in the Sacramento Bee

Thanks to those who pointed this out: Finger-clickin’ good (an article on food blogs in The Sacramento Bee). Here’s what it has to say about us:

The Amateur Gourmet

Site: www.amateurgourmet.com

Content: Long and entertaining chronicles of eating adventures by a former law student recognized by The Accidental Hedonist for maintaining the best food blog for humor.

In a word: Zany

Best for: Archaeologists of the future

(Not sure I get the archeologists bit?)

And special congrats to Elise who is the star of the article. Not only is she deserving of it, but Elise is like this blog’s favorite aunt—she’s been championing us since the beginning. Go Elise, go!

3 thoughts on “Wheeee, We’re in the Sacramento Bee”

  1. Yes, I have something to say about the liver. I would not think about eating chopped liver…because I’m a vegetarian? no. Because I’m not Jewish? no. But because I wouldn’t lick the filter of a pool. That’s what the liver is, a filter (for us of course, not the pool). So all the yucky stuff our bodies can’t handle go there. Therefore…Liver=yucky.

  2. I think he more correctly mean anthropologists of the future because your site has a lot of cultural references. Possibly?

    Anyway, congrads!!

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