The Return of the Breast Cupcake

My average number of hits per day is 2281.13 (according to Typepad). Then today I noticed what some might call a huge surge: 34,440. To quote Joey Lawrence: “Whoah.”

Why the sudden influx? The answer is simple:


It’s been one year since I made my infamous Janet Jackson breast cupcake, and now they’re being promoted for this year’s Superbowl. By whom?

Well for starters: Apprently this site is huge—it was profiled last week in The New Yorker. I’m very flattered to be grouped in with eclectic HotLinks such as How To Make a Grape Explode and Seriously Fucked Up Spiders. It makes me feel like a kid again.

Even more exciting, though, is the link featured on Dave Barry’s blog. Whoah! I love Dave Barry. That’s very exciting. Although the comments are pretty harsh. For example:

“I think he did a very poor job on that cupcake. I mean, for starters, the nipple shield frosting isn’t even metallic. And I bet it doesn’t even taste like a boob!”


“It don’t even look close.”

Points taken. But clearly if I were hit by a bus today, this would be the greatest thing I am known for. The man behind the breast cupcake. I can live (or not live, as the case may be) with that.

[P.S. I don’t follow sports, but if the Superbowl truly is approaching why not make these breast cupcakes? If you do make them, send me a picture of you and the cupcakes and I’ll maybe feature them on the blog. Happy breast baking!]

6 thoughts on “The Return of the Breast Cupcake”

  1. Hey Adam – I have to admit I came to your site from Dave Barry’s blog – and it was a brilliant discovery. I’ll keep reading. Keep up the good work!

  2. ok so i made the breast cupcakes for a ‘pop culture’ themed oscars party potluck last year, and i must say they were a big hit. i’m glad to see them resurfacing!

  3. Check out my blog for the recipe for Jersey Janet Juice to accompany those cupcakes and keep checking for updates on Jersey Janet’s plan to out do Janet Jackson’s half time entertainment. Word on the street is she’s planning something even more outrageous than Jackson could even think of.

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