Mean Lady at Pongsri

I just tried to draw a picture of the mean lady at Pongsri on Microsoft Word but then I couldn’t figure out how to save it as an image and gave up, so suffice it to say she was old and mean and had long gray hair and glasses and a dowdy husband. She was sitting by the window and we were six and sitting two over. They put us at a big long table so we had to yell to hear each other. She didn’t like that. She shot us vicious glares. Then she made eye contact with me and mouthed: “KEEP IT DOWN.” I told everyone to keep it down. But inevitably we got louder. And she fumed and shook her head and rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. She was really mean.

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  1. I was laughing at an outdoor table at a restaurant one day, and a grumpy man came over to my table and said “If I had a laugh like that, I would never leave the house!”

    Can you imagine!

    So the waiter and the manager went over to his table and said, “Look, she is a good customer, and you are not! And if you don’t like the way she laughs, you can leave!”

    And all the other customers clapped.

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