I Am Going To DC

Just when you had your fill of New York binge eating, I’m headed to DC to visit Lauren–my old roommate, confidante and stomach donor. We will be having many food adventures, so stay tuned. (Not sure if I’ll blog when I’m there or when I get back… but probably when I’m there. But not definitely. So don’t hold your breath. Ok, maybe a little.) I’m excited!

4 thoughts on “I Am Going To DC”

  1. Welcome to DC! just a few morsels…

    Try the pineapple-tini at Halo on P St. between 14th and 15th NW. tastes like fresh pineapple and makes you feel all ting-ly. 2-fer every evening 5-9.

    Palette at 15th and M is off the hook, eat at the bar… try the bison burger or the duck dip- much like a french dip, jus included :-)

    Pizza Paradiso, new one in Georgetown or the old one on other side of Dupont Circle- love it! (wood fired oven)

    Upscale Southern Cookin? Try Vidalia on M St. close to Connecticut Ave… had Thanksgiving dinner there- oh so good.

    Only restaurant worth trying on 17th St. is Komi, young chef doin a great job.

    There is now an evil Krispy Kreme on Dupont Circle… not far from my gym YIKES!

    One of my favs for tasty and cheap Middle Eastern- Skewers (P and 17th)

  2. Hey! Welcome to the nation’s capitol. If you’re looking for restaurant recommendations while you’re here. drop me a line. I’ve lived here for 10 years and have a few favorites I can recommend.

  3. Oh. Oh… I have totally flaked on blogging about this, but you HAVE to try Corduroy.

    It’s this very pretty restaurant on the 2nd floor of the (don’t laugh) Sheraton Four Points at 12th & K streets.

    Ridiculously reasonably priced, and some of the best food I’ve had this quarter… I promise I’ll blog about it, but you probably won’t see it before I do. Because, well, I’m lazy like that.

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