Happy One-Year Anniversary!


Exactly one year ago tonight I made my first post here at The Amateur Gourmet. The post was titled: The Birth of an Amateur Icon. I wrote:

“I’m The Amateur Gourmet: a completely untrained, unaccomplished culinary lout with absolutely no expertise in anything having to do with food. I have an immature palate, an understocked pantry and a penchant for purchasing food that’s already been prepared. In my defense, I watch Martha Stewart religiously.”

365 days later and my palate is still a bit bratty, my pantry mostly understocked (although the ingredients are stranger: vanilla bean? Cardamom? Propeesha?) and for dinner tonight I bought pre-made food at Whole Foods. However, it must be said that Martha Stewart is in prison.

This site has proved to be so much fun. I love doing it. I love that you read it. I love loving that you read it. All in all, these have been the best 365 days ever. Here’s to at least 360 more! And please know how grateful I am for all of you wonderful people out there, in the dark. I couldn’t do this without you. All right, Mr. Del Monte, I’m ready for my close up.

Happy Anniversary!

23 thoughts on “Happy One-Year Anniversary!”

  1. Ahhh, I remember those heady days of your sad anonymity. Before the advent of breasty cupcakes and nation-wide TV exposure. Good on you – you have a (quiet, general non-posting but loyal)regular reader here in Melbourne, Aust.

    PS – I lie. The first post I read of yours was the Condoleeza Rice pudding. I still remember bursting into laughter.

  2. Congratulations, I only visit two sites on the Internet (this one and one that has Shakespeare food quotes), so when I say that you are the second best site on the Internet I can say it with all sincerity. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this thing.

  3. Thank you for existing! I never thought I’d be one of those geeks who reads a blog religiously, but, well, here I am.

  4. A Big Fan of the AG

    AG, your blog has been the bright spot in many a dark day. Your food films, your musical odes to culinary delights, your films of your friends and relations (and Lolita) bring me to tears of laughter. Many a time my co-workers have had to come see what was making me laugh so hard! Here’s to another year of extraordinary AG humor and wit.

  5. Thanks, Adam, for keeping me entertained for the last year. Your writing is charming and witty — keep it up! My favorite articles in the last year were the right-on-target reviews of the Food Channel hosts and programs.

    …a lurker

  6. NO, I DON’T check this site 3 times a day to check for new movies!!

    Your site is truly addictive. And I like this idea of requests. Do you do requests? It seems like a piano man kind of thing, going very well with your musical style.

  7. Adam, you have the funniest, most entertaining site on the web. Great things are in store for you young man, great great things. Happy Birthday AG.

  8. Hey Adam,

    There is absolutely nothing wrong. Whole Foods is good. Andronico’s isnt bad either! :)

    (Is that Barbie holding the cupcake?! I didn’t realize you had a Barbie.) :D

    Happy Anniversary! May there be may more anniversaries to come.

  9. J., that’s Pancetta. See “Cooking Light with Pancetta” on the left side there.

    And congratulations Adam!


  10. Ditto to what Pim said. Adam, dear Adam — you rock! I’m thankful that your Last Minute Passover Seder post pulled up during a search for the Barefoot Contessa roast chicken recipe several months ago. Since that fateful day, you’ve made me hungry countless times and made me laugh even more.

    Congrats on a great year. Bravo!

  11. We are so proud of you. Happy anniversary!!! Keep up the good work. love, The Proud parents of “The Amateur Gourmet”

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