Great Moments in Musical Theater Featuring Eggs: Part Two, Defying Gravity

8 thoughts on “Great Moments in Musical Theater Featuring Eggs: Part Two, Defying Gravity”

  1. This is funny. I laughed outloud. So was the last installment, even though inexplicably nobody commented on it.

    You should do more. I like musical theater with eggs. Turns out it’s just like bacon.

  2. Siince I still haven’t seen the musical Wicked, the movie was a bit hard to follow at first. Ok, so maybe that’s because I am working with limited creativity in my mind and don’t follow things easily. However, once I realized what was happening… I literally shrieked and started laughing until tears rolled down my cheeks. Thank you for making my day.

  3. The clip was cute; I’ll have to take time to check out the others. BTW, I happen to like the songs that I have heard from “Wicked”. Of course, you may question my taste because I live in the hinterlands where Broadway touring companies rarely make a stop :-). I agree with you about the songs from “Avenue Q”, though; I laugh out loud every time one of them comes up on Accuradio.

  4. CRACK me up. (har har)

    When you think of that in the context of the show, that would totally end the play on a different note. Oops, Elphaba’s dead. Sorry everyone. Go home now.

    (I’m torn between Avenue Q and Wicked. I love “Popular” and in the former, “The more you ruv someone” and “Purpose” are both soo lame. Avenue Q is pretty creative and unique, though…I’m just torn. Ack.)

  5. Yay! I love it when food-guy Adam and theatre-guy Adam both come out at the same time. And I’m not making a tasteless joke.

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