Eating D.C.

As a special treat for you, my dedicated readers, I present a video I made from the weekend. Yes I, your beloved Gourmet, lugged a video camera aboard the Amtrack train and proceeded to leave the connecting wire in Lauren’s apartment before I left. I bought a new one today and spent HOURS making this video, so I hope you enjoy it. (And, in case you’re curious, the song is by The Magnetic Fields.) Happy Viewing!

4 thoughts on “Eating D.C.”

  1. I saw the Julia Childs’s exhibit at the Smithsonian when I was there in October and it is the BEST EXHIBIT EVER. Seriously, I found it moving and inspiring and now I want to hang pegboard all over my kitchen~brilliant!

  2. That was definitely a neat way to document your trip. How do you have time to come up with stuff like that? I like the song, too.

  3. Was it cold in D.C.? You guys were all wrapped up in jackets and scarves! Fun footages, thanks!

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