Eating D.C.

As a special treat for you, my dedicated readers, I present a video I made from the weekend. Yes I, your beloved Gourmet, lugged a video camera aboard the Amtrack train and proceeded to leave the connecting wire in Lauren’s apartment before I left. I bought a new one today and spent HOURS making this video, so I hope you enjoy it. (And, in case you’re curious, the song is by The Magnetic Fields.) Happy Viewing!


  1. I saw the Julia Childs’s exhibit at the Smithsonian when I was there in October and it is the BEST EXHIBIT EVER. Seriously, I found it moving and inspiring and now I want to hang pegboard all over my kitchen~brilliant!

  2. That was definitely a neat way to document your trip. How do you have time to come up with stuff like that? I like the song, too.

  3. That was great!! I’m so glad to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing all this information.

  4. Was it cold in D.C.? You guys were all wrapped up in jackets and scarves! Fun footages, thanks!

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