Never Post at 3:45 am

Please forgive the now-deleted self-indulgent post from last night. That was one of those posts that you post and then wake up, scratch your head and ask, “Did I really post that?” I feel especially bad because Josh at The Food Section wrote me and reminded me that I only e-mailed him once a long long time ago to tell him about it, but never asked him to include me in his links. This is true. But he’s graciously added me to his Metro section which means a great deal to me because The Food Section is one of my hands-down favorite food sites. [Maybe the squeaky blogger does get the grease.] Anyway, stay tuned for info regarding a get-together and thanks for all the praise regarding my new playwriterly glasses.

4 thoughts on “Never Post at 3:45 am”

  1. I was kind of disappointed you deleted the post. I thought you had a couple of very good points about food bloggers. They definately fall into many categories; some taking themselves and their subject much more seriously than others. But does that make them better than someone else? Absolutely not. It’s all in the eyes of the readers.

  2. I’m also kinda disappointed…but more because of that tantalizing itch that occurs when someone makes a reference to something, arouses your interest and then says “oh, never mind…” My insomnia must have been on hiatus that night, and I was rather busy the next day, so I missed the oh-so-provocatively self-indulgent post…

  3. Dear Adam: if I may voice my personal and humble opinion, I thought that post was really good and interesting. It sounded very sincere and gave a unique behind-the-scenes point of view. At least I enjoyed it. If there is a thing or two you wish you hadn’t written maybe you could edit them out, mull it over, and re-post? Anyway, this is just my two centimes: at the end of the day, you’re the boss around here!

  4. I was gone – what did the post say?

    (Sorry, I know there must have been a reason he deleted it, but first and foremost I’m nosy.)

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