Did you not get your book?

Andrea wants to know. She wants to give your Secret Santa book provider person a little nudge. So come here and vent: did you expect a book and not get one? Hmmm. (I haven’t heard yet from my secret santa person as to whether or not she got the books (YES I SENT MORE THAN ONE) yet.) Anyway, let us know!

10 thoughts on “Did you not get your book?”

  1. I have not yet received a book. I know it was kind of a “play at your own risk” deal, but maybe it was a shipping problem and not an oversight on my Santa’s part? I would love to find out. Thanks.

  2. I go tmy book today! I don’t know who sent it (no note), but I received the Whole Foods Cookbook. Thanks!

    Joseph Close’s book will be going out in tomorrow’s mail – xmas visitors had a bit longer of a stay than planned plus tons of snow kept me homebound. Sorry for the delay!

  3. Hi all! I just wanted to report in–I got my cookbook, the fabulous Mark Bittman-Jean Georges Vongrichten collaboration, from the lovely Samantha. Thank you! And Melissa, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry I didn’t include a note on your cookbook–I was worried about the secret part of the secret santa assignment. I hope you enjoy the Babbo Cookbook!

  4. Kate, I had your name and Amazon shows that it was delivered on December 24th. I’ll email you the address I sent it to, to make sure I had the proper address.

  5. Kate, I can’t actually find your email address anywhere on your site, so I’m unable to email you. My email is


    use @ instead of (at)

    Could you write to me so that I can reply with the address I sent it to? I’d like to report the missing book to amazon, but want to make sure I have the proper address first.

  6. I got my beautiful “Baking Illustated” from Melissa the other day (it was MY fault it was late, not hers – I was out of town for the holidays a little longer than I had anticipated). What a great surprise to come home to! This whole secret santa thing was a lot of fun and I hope that we can do it again next year. Thank you so much Melissa!!!

  7. i received a lovely thank-you note from my secret santa-ee today. i’m so glad you liked it!

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