Cider Day in the Park

I have made it a point this past week to go not once but twice to the Union Square Farmer’s Market for fresh apple cider:


This is the year of the apple, apparently. I have heard from various sources that apples have never been better. The proof is in the cider–and the cider at the Union Square Farmer’s Market is excellent.

Caveat: the GOOD cider at the Union Square Farmer’s Market is excellent. The bad cider isn’t so excellent. How can you tell the difference?

The good cider I had my first time out–it was served from the silver contraption you see above. It tasted fresh and appley. The bad cider happened today from an uncovered kettle thingie and it tasted less good. No, it wasn’t really that bad. It was still cidery and yummy. But I’ll choose my cider in the future from a covered kettle.

Pretty soon I’ll make us all some cider at home using the Barefoot Contessa’s non-revolutionary suggestion of adding cloves, cinnamon sticks, orange peel and maybe even rum. But til then, hit the Farmer’s Market. It’s comfort in a cup.

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