2004: The Year in Food

2004 is come to an end. Less important media outlets cover things like “The Year in News” or “The Year in Movies.” This media outlet encourages you to stick your fingers in a socket as we take a quick look at: THE YEAR IN FOOD: (aka, Food’s Greatest Moments, 2004)

[Warning: This list is composed entirely off the top of my head moments before I leave for a New Year’s party.]

1. Martha went to jail.


2. Butter became the new olive oil.


3. Lard became the new butter.


4. I made this tart.


5. Clotilde killed Pim with jam.


6. Pim came back to life and killed Jeremy. (And judging from his post frequency, this may actually be true.)


7. Rachel Ray got a new show and the world was thrown into chaos.


8. I made this cake.


9. I cut a slice.


10. I moved to New York and completed one full year of food blogging! Happy New Year!


8 thoughts on “2004: The Year in Food”

  1. Yes, Happy New Year! I just discovered this blog through the Blog Awards, and it is a source of endless entertainment. Brilliantly fun writing!

  2. lol, this is the highlight of my blogging year–making Adam’s The Year in Food post.

    I didn’t kill Jeremy, I just zapped him off to the Twilight Zone…ta da da dah…


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