You may buy me this camera.

I know many of you are often thinking, “Gee, the Amateur Gourmet’s pictures suck, I should buy him a fancy $1000 camera, but I won’t because that may wound the Amateur Gourmet’s pride.” I now grant you permission to buy me the Camera of the Year 2004. You have nothing to be ashamed of, honestly. Please, free yourself, and buy buy buy. Then send send send. Thank you.


  1. That’s the camera that my boyfriend has but let me warn you. The pricetag might say $1000, however, all the lenses, tripod, and other gear add up if you don’t already have them. You can see some of his photos and camera recommendations at his website (

  2. Adam, are you a crazy man?! We can’t all go buy you cameras and still afford our tall white mochas! Duh! :D

  3. Methinks you should start hinting to your Cristal-buying Ma and Pa. I smell a Hannukah present!

  4. Since I’m a proud owner of this camera, let me tell you that it’s worth giving up Starbucks to save up for. I have some pics if you need more convincing.

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