Rice and Beans at “Rice and Beans”

Photographs by my colleague James Felder, formerly of Marvel Comics and visible on the web here.

Theater-going means dinner-eating, since shows start at 8 and you don’t want to sit there hungry.

Last night we went to see “Symphony Fantastique.” This show takes Berlioz’s symphony and sets it to what is advertised as an underwater puppet show. Basically, there’s a fish tank and “actors” drag things around in it for an hour. If you happen to be tripping on LSD, this may be highly enjoyable. As it was, I spent a great deal of time contemplating the life and career of Nell Carter. (Who, incidentally, was in the movie “Hair” where they take LSD).

Before the show, we playwright/screenwriters went to dinner near the theater. Jason Schafer (author of the movie “Trick” and a classmate) led us to a favorite theater district haunt, “Rice and Beans.” James Felder (mentioned above) brought his ultra high tech camera. Seriously, this camera is snazzy. He paid for it with money he won in a screenwriting contest. And since no photographer can be great without a great model, I modelled for the first pic:

Don’t you love my shirt? There are little birds on it which makes it all the more thrilling. That’s Kirk sitting next to me, he’s another classmate and dinner companion.

I took it upon myself to order for the table a pitcher of sangria. I love sangria. Wine with fruit in it? Hello, this is what wine is all about. Forget all those fancy shmancy $100,000 bottles. Just cut up some fruit and drop it in a wine glass and you’re set. (Put an orange slice on the outer rim for decoration).


As for dinner, I had some kind of breaded chicken. It was really crisp and flavorful. I liked how it was served with limes. We also got bottomless bowls of rice and beans. (Hence the name “Rice and Beans”).


I don’t normally post images of other people’s food (after all this blog is about ME ME ME glorious ME), but since James took the pictures, take a look at his plantains and rice and other things:


So, in conclusion, if you happen to be seeing a puppet show in a fish tank and you’re looking for tasty Brazilian food, why not go to “Rice and Beans” and take James Felder with you? He takes lovely pictures.

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  1. rice and beans is brazilian, i thought…last time i went I had the feijoida (i think i spelled that wrong). it’s that stew of black beans in which they’ve sunk about ten kinds of meat and sausages, with toasted yucca flour for sprinkling on top. it’s great!

  2. No offense Adam, but wow. . . those pictures are great! Not necessarily in an artsy way (although they are quite nice) but in a picture quality way.

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