My Shopping Spree

Today was a gorgeous day in New York. “Indian Summer,” according to a man I overheard in the store. “You mean Native American Summer,” I said. He punched me in the mouth.

After working for hours and hours and hours completing my 10-page paper on “tragedy” I decided to run out into the world and shop shop shop.

I really need clothes. I mean, ok, compared to the impoverished and famished people of the world, I’m in pretty good shape. But I’m a man known for my crisp, elegant style. And all my clothes are looking a bit frumpy. Plus, like, they were totally having a sale at Urban Outfitters.

Actually, I didn’t buy any clothes. Instead I bought books and kitchen gadgets. (One notable book in particular…)


So in the upper left, you’ll see my Strand purchase: Patricia Wells’ Provence Cookbook which I got because it’s Heidi’s favorite cookbook on one of my secret favorite food sites, 101 Cookbooks. (Actually, looking at it now I see that it’s Patricia Wells’ Trattoria that’s her favorite. D’oh!)

But forget all that Wellsian crap. Check out the big mama in the center. My heart nearly dropped to my feet when I saw it in the store. Could it be? Yes it could! Something’s coming, something good–the new Barefoot Contessa Cookbook! AHHHH!!

I scooped it up and bought it without even cracking a page. I was that eager. Flipping through it tonight, I’m so excited to cook from it. Some great recipes. And actually some great info—she talks about wine and cookware. Oh Ina, you outdid yourself.

In the photo above you’ll also see some MOMA purchases. There’s a MOMA store in SOHO (look at all these acronyms) and they have two really cool kitchen products.

At 3 o’clock, is a cutting board that folds. So you cut on it and then can effectively dump everything you cut into a pot or bowl. Genius!

At 12 o’clock, is stainless steel soap. Gets the garlic and onion smell off your hands. Learnt that trick from Martha Stewart. Only now, I guess, she rubs the bars of her jail cell… (Rimshot).

To quote Ina on Episode #21 of The Barefoot Contessa: “Nothing like a little retail therapy.”

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  1. i’m a fellow Inaphile (i feel a song coming on…) and i too am loving BIP! i made the “vegetable tian” over the weekend, YUM YUM, and i usually loathe roasted vegetables. my one criticism — the photos of Ina herself in this book seem sort of forced and silly, not natural as in the other books, esp. “Parties.” plus, there isn’t a photo of each dish, oddly. oh well, bon appetit anyway…

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