I gave Lisa some of this gingerbread.

I gave Lisa some of this gingerbread:


She’s going to take it to work tomorrow. I wonder if she’ll think it sucks?

2 thoughts on “I gave Lisa some of this gingerbread.”

  1. I brought this gingerbread to work and it has been sampled by 4 people (myself included).

    Red Haired Jessica says “At first it tastes good but then something about it tastes like gasoline.”

    Joelle says “I like it, but it has kind of a toxic aftertaste.”

    Blond Haired Jessica says “I think it’s good, but there definitely is something a little science experimenty there toward the end”

    I think I am in the camp with Adam where sometimes I think it sucks and sometimes I think it doesn’t suck. It is most definitely thought provoking, though, so it is by no means without merit. Thank you for sharing your gift with my office.

  2. In my humble opinion ginger bread always sucks. Only good thing about it is your house smells good while its baking.

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