Fun with Shortbread

When I got back from Florida last night and I was cranky and tired and hungry for something sweet, I defrosted the shortbread dough that I froze a few weeks back. I’ve never defrosted dough before: it’s a tricky process. I basically stuck it in the microwave and nuked it for 15 seconds, felt it, nuked it some more, then took it out, refrigerated it, rolled it out and cut it with a makeshift cookie cutter (a water glass).

That’s not what I’m here to tell you about, though. I’m here to tell you about my genius in the kitchen. Here’s what I did. I made 8 cookie cut-outs. I sprinkled them all with sugar. Then I decided to go CRAZY. Consider the following:


Moving from left to right in vertical lines, we have:

– 2 cookies sprinkled with cinnamon;

– 2 cookies sprinkled with walnuts;

– 2 cookies sprinkled with ginger with a piece of candied ginger in the middle;

– 2 cookies sprinkled with nutmeg.

How did they taste? Good!


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