Gourmet Survivor 2004: The Challenge To End All Challenges

Nick, Michelle, Andrea,

This is the challenge I’ve been waiting for, the secret challenge I’ve kept stashed in my pocket for a special moment. That moment has come.

I want each of you to prepare something that can be shipped through the mail. (A baked good would seem the likeliest option). And then, quite simply enough, I’d like you to ship it to me. Please don’t spend significant money on the shipping. All I ask is that it gets to me by Wednesday the 20th. What it is you make for me is entirely up to you. If you want to appeal to my tastes, you have an incredible resource on the right side of the screen—nine months of archives to sift through!

Basically, I will judge your cooking effort with a letter grade. I may invite friends to judge it with me. Then the reading audience can use that judgment to influence who they will give final immunity to.

I ask that you not send an insane amount of stuff. You should prepare one “submission” and if that submission is something like “cookies” you can send, at most, a dozen. In other words, don’t bribe your way with quantity—I’ll have to throw too much of it out!

Also, I kindly ask that you not poison me.

I will be sending each of you an e-mail with my address shortly. I can’t wait to taste your efforts. And a hardy congratulations on getting this far in the game!

6 thoughts on “Gourmet Survivor 2004: The Challenge To End All Challenges”

  1. Just for your safety, AG…

    I would suggest that you test each submission on Lola. If she suddenly gags and dies, well… you’ll either know that the food was poisoned or that Lola simply shouldn’t eat that item. If she throws up from the food, then… well… you will know nothing.

    Sorry, this wasn’t very helpful was it? Sorry Lola.

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