Gourmet Survivor 2004: His name was Harry.

It is with extreme sadness that I report that our beloved Harry has been voted off the Gourmet kitchen island. The votes went something like this:

Andrea: “It’s Harry. I love him to pieces, but he’s the strongest competition…”

Michelle: “With only two people to pick from, I, sadly, will cast my vote for Harry this round.”

Nick: “SAD!  I have to vote for Harry.  HARRY IS, WAS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE A FOOD CHAMPION! But I have to vote for him.”

Harry had this to say with his vote: “My vote is for Michelle. Not that it matters, Et-tu Nick? My alliance

has betrayed me. But I know it’s because I am feared and respected. In any case, if previous contestants decide who wins among the final two, this fact will NOT be forgotten. You can count on that NICK. Betrayed! Betrayed! Betrayed!”

Indeed, those who’ve been voted off WILL vote for the final winner. But more on that later.

I wonder if those who’ve been voted off can illuminate for us some of the backdoor politics that went on with these alliances. Blog-reading minds would love to know.

Farewell Harry! We’ll miss thee.

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  1. Maybe Harry’s legions of loyal fans will have something to say about this in future voting. Et tu, Nick?

  2. First Fae, and now Harry. Geez the people in this contest really want to get rid of not the worst person, but the best. I mean I know its a fight to the finish, but come on. Get rid of the unamusing, boring ones so they don’t win. I mean it was obivious why everyone voted to get rid of Harry, it’s because he would have won, and you know it. Sorry Harry, maybe so wierd twist of fate shall happen and you will come back and take your rightful winnings.

  3. Oh, Harry! They were waiting till you lacked immunity so that they could rid themselves of the dominator. Thats right, you dominated. Ah, the competition has new meaning without you, Harry – and I have to say, I feel as though it has less meaning. Had I been in the competition, I would have gladly walked the walk of shame to have you continue in your funny ways. I hope to see you rise up on the internet again—you should do a blog about Israel. we’d all really enjoy it.

  4. oh no! I’m very sorry to hear that Harry got voted off– I have to say that I thought his entries were consistently creative and well presented throughout the competition.

    And I echo Adam’s sentiments in wanting to know what’s going on behind the voting!

  5. So sad! Harry, you were by far my favorite Survivor! I can understand why you were voted off, but I had hoped that you would win the competition. Indeed, I think you would have easily won the competition with your consistently creative and witty entries.

    Maybe you will come back to be a judge for one of the final challenges, or maybe by some magical twist of fate you will reappear on the virtual kitchen island to compete again.

    In any case, congratulations on getting this far and entertaining all of us with your stories and pictures.

  6. I’m in Survivor mourning, and I’m shocked that there’s not an even bigger outcry. Survivors, you’ve all got your delightful quirks and strengths and all, but…Harry…Harry…we’ll miss you so. It’s cold comfort to be aware that a competition of this sort isn’t based merely on your obvious merit, and that the evil spirit of competetiveness itself can be your undoing…but Harry, know that we love you.

  7. I’m shocked. Shocked and saddened. Harry gone. He was the best. I always looked forward to whatever he sent in. He competed with great style and humor and lots of great foodie zeal. Perhaps he can remember this quote as a consolation — “Birds pick at only the best fruit.”

  8. That someone really great can get voted off is one of the reasons I stopped watching TV “Survivor.” Good game, Harry!

  9. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I haven’t felt this popular since I was the first one to have Optimus Prime in fourth grade. Really. They made my day.

    Alas, it is but a game. I am indeed sad, but mostly disapointed that I was betrayed by my alliance. But what goes around comes around. I must add though that I had a GREAT time doing it. Tons of fun and lots of laughs were had here in the holy land. I’ll never forget the scavenger hunt day….it was hysterical. I do hope I get an invite for Amateur Gourmet Survivor All-Stars…

    Klara – I have been blogging about my wacky life in Israel, politics and food for over 2 years now at http://www.theviewfromhere.net. Please visit!

  10. Oh Harry we barely knew ye. I’ll be adding your blog to my daily read!

    Hugs and enjoy all this love!!

  11. Aw, how sad! I assumed Harry would win from the very get-go.

    If there were rampant alliances and insider goings-on, the lousy no-goods left me out of it!

  12. i’m surprised at how many people are surprised that harry was voted off. do you think the other contestants don’t realize how popular he is here? this style of game encourages people to vote off the stronger players. deal with it :).

  13. In regard to Jokah’s comnment, the survivor format is problematic for this contest. In the TV version, contestants must work together to accomplish tasks, to survive. But here, no such dynamic exists; everyone cooks and writes on their own. Hence there is no interest to keep the strongest contestant around, for they cannot benefit from his presence and he is only a threat.

    (In a related note, the fact that I’ve commented on survivor dynamics on TV vs. amateur gourmet means only one thing: I need to get a life.)

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