Gourmet Survivor 2004: And the Harrys Have It

This was a close one! Michelle and Nick were inches behind Harry in the final tally, but immunized they weren’t. Score another point for Israel.

So everyone (including Dallas) send me your votes by tomorrow night at 11.

To make things even MORE exciting let’s do this…

There are 5 people voting. If you suspect that YOU are going to be voted off, you can vote against yourself. If 4 of the 5 people vote against you (yourself included) and one doesn’t, then the one who doesn’t gets bounced and you live. But this is a risky venture because it has to be 4 of the 5. If it’s 3, you’re gone. If it’s 5 you’re gone. You’re basically betting that everyone hates you except one sucker.

A fun little twist, no? Happy voting! (oh, and your votes will be published again…)

8 thoughts on “Gourmet Survivor 2004: And the Harrys Have It”

  1. yay, harry! i would have voted for you, but i felt like i had already voted you immunity too many times and some one else deserved some immunity (hmm…that sounds a lot like the reason clotilde didn’t vote for you!) Let’s hope we get a fair judge for the voting off challenge, otherwise I’ll have to boycott this website…

  2. The AG gay? Naaah…

    Now, the guys he dates, they’re definately gay. Those crazy dates.


  3. I was there at the AGs first date, well atleast it was my first date, and no, we weren’t on the date together, well, not “together.” It was a triple date and for the record, my date was male. :)

  4. shiva –

    Nope, no date for me. Just been reading TAG’s site for awhile, so when someone comes along who hasn’t been paying attention, it can be fun to poke fun at them.

    (Actually, that just reminded me of my little sister, who I would watch movies with sometimes, but she’d always be asking “What’s that?”, “Why is that there?”, “Who’s he?”, etc…)

    And I have to go get ready for my hour-long drive to work now. Sigh.

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