First Lady Cookie Cook Off

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  1. Laura isn’t passing that recipe off as original to her, is she?? I’ve used it for many years but I add toffee bits to it to make it chewy.

  2. Gourmet,

    I type with trembling fingers. In my long readership (since last week at least, or perhaps even the week before)I have never felt the need to post. In the past I have always been filled to sufficency by your witty prose, your scathing insight, but now I see you too can sometimes be more Parade than Washington Post. I am saddened.

    Given such a delicious foodie fun fact can’t we expect more than a 24 word rumination, and a link to the Family Circle website.

    Shouldn’t we wonder if this is even a fair forum for us to judge the suitability of these two women for the role of First Lady? No! Ofcourse it isn’t. There is a sinister conservative bias in this particular media which will always chose chocolate chunk over pumpkin spice!

    You saw it yourself August 3 of this year at precisely 12:30 pm. I quote “I am getting the impression that this is a family values show geared towards family values people (I think the giveaway is the “Family Circle” in the title). I think this woman was forged in a lab with the genetic material of Jerry Falwell and Julia Child. Actually, that’s way too kind. Not Julia Child… RACHEL RAY (thundeclap).”

    The facts were out there AG, and just when we needed you to do some tough fact checking you backed off. What’s the problem? You feeling the heat from the Family Circle lobby, or are you really a chunk man yourself?

    Couldn’t you have at least pointed out that maybe Teresa doesn’t want the endorsement of these Family Circle political operatives. Do WE want a First Lady who says, “BEAUTIFUL EASY QUICK: my favorite words when it applies to cooking!” or “Make a shnitzel sandwich, why the heck not?” No! Ofcourse we don’t.

    In this close election season it all comes down to this, and On Nov 2, when it comes time to choose the Family Circle First Lady or the First Lady of the Catwalk, you can color me pumpkin every time.

  3. This just makes me excited for when Hillary runs for Pres and Bill has to submit a cookie recipe – gender stereotypes be damned!

  4. Linda S. Sill

    Liberals always have bad taste in their mouths. How could they possibly know what taste good.

  5. Linda S. Sill

    Liberals always have bad taste in their mouths. How could they possibly know what taste good.

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