Why Do You Want To Smell Like Fruit?

I walk past the Body Shop every day on my way to school. I have a question for you, ladies. Why do you want to smell like fruit?

That’s what the Body Shop smells like to me. Hot fruit. Noxious, acidic fruit that clouds the air near NYU worse than the fog of Mary Kate and Ashley after a night of bulemia and Coke.

It’s not that it smells bad on people, necessary. I’ve yet to rub Mango Body Butter (an actual product) on a willing volunteer to see what they smell like 10 feet off. But it’s like The Body Shop pumps acid fruit fog into the air near its stores to lure people in. For me it has the complete opposite reaction: I scramble down the street, desperate to get away from than brutal fruital smell.

Weird how corporate American can pervert something as sacred and ancient and Biblical (ha) as fruit. The forbidden fruit shouldn’t have been an apple. It should’ve been Body Shop Watermelon body spray.

5 thoughts on “Why Do You Want To Smell Like Fruit?”

  1. i believe it was hippy brits that started the body shop, and therefore perverted the sacred and ancient and Biblical (ha) fruit.

    [insert british food inspired joke here]

  2. The appeal of fruit products has always escaped me and I am a woman.

    Give me Chanel No. 5, Un Lys by Serge Lutens, Santa Maria Novella products, Patou’s Joy – preferably warm, subtle scents with a hint of flowers.

    I have a 9 year old niece who loves the fruity stuff but then so does her mother and my ma-in-law – go know.

  3. I don’t particularly like many fruit perfumes, but I think that smelling like fruit is as legitimate a perfume as smelling like flowers… Why not?

  4. Why do women want to smell like fruit? In the hopes that men might eat us.

    (I’m really sorry, TAG, I just couldn’t pass that one up.)

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