Lauren’s Here, We Ate At Zoe

Remember my old roommate Lauren? Old readers will. She came in yesterday (her family lives on Long Island) and tonight she met me for dinner in between my graduate playwriting workshop and my graduate drama lab (as opposed to dinner between Civil Procedure and Torts; a custom from the not-so-very-distant past). We had to eat quick and near NYU, so we went down to SoHo and discovered a place called Zoe—it was across the street from the Apple store where Lauren finally decided to accept her fate and become (like her former roommate) a full-fledged Apple owner. She ordered her 12-inch Powerbook and I’ve never been prouder.

The calamari at Zoe was great. Totally tender, not a bit rubbery. How do they do it? Do they beat it with a large polo mallet? Not sure. But there was Vietnamese dipping sauce too:

We shared a pizza of heirloom tomatoes and shaved Parmesan. Pretty tasty:


Should you run to Zoe next time you come to New York? No. It’s one of those “only if you’re in the neighborhood” places. Eat there if you’re in the neighborhood.

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