Gourmet Survivor 2004: The Third Challenge—“On The Street Where You Live”

Hello players, congrats on hanging in there. On to the third challenge.

It occurred to me tonight: “Adam, your players live all around the world. There are people in Israel, in Canada, in Fairbanks Alaska” (Juno the Eskimo is a secret behind-the-scenes player) “why not take advantage of that?” And so we shall.

Your challenge is this: Tell us about a food unique to where you live. You don’t have to prepare it (this is a non-cooking exercise), you just have to tell us all about it and then go out and eat it. Take a picture (one picture this time, folks) of you and said foodstuff and then tell us how it tastes. All in all, give us a peephole into your world. Except keep your clothes on, this show is G-rated.

Please e-mail me your entries by Sunday night at 9ish. Looking forward to reading them.

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