Gourmet Survivor 2004: The Second Challenge, Don’t Know Much Biology (by Jeremy)

Joining us now as guest challenge-maker and guest immunity-judge is Jeremy from Frost Street (and more recently Gothamist Food). We sure appreciate his helping out and hope you all appreciate his challenge. It sure looks challenging. So, without further ado, here’s Jeremy…

Greetings Surviving Gourmet Survivor Contestants:

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy, and I’ll be bringing you your second challenge, which I promise will be far more difficult and unpleasant than the first. Consider yourself warned.

So here it is: You must select an ingredient and provide an exposition of the biological properties that make it a desirable foodstuff. Your description may be biochemical or biomechanical; it may be based in fact or an utter fabrication on your part. However, you must prepare this ingredient for consumption in a way that illustrates and take advantage of the properties you have described, whether they are accurate or not. You need not use the ingredient by itself; you may use it as just one of several ingredients in your dish.

To take an example that I do not to expect you to use: Foie gras is the fattened liver of a migratory waterfowl, which gorges itself to prepare for long-range flights and stores up energy in the form of liver fat. Foie gras therefore contains as much as 80 percent fat. To illustrate this property, I will sautee foie gras in a dry pan and grill toasts on which to serve the foie gras itself in the rendered fat. And so on.

Adam’s rules on deadlines and submission format apply. Have fun.

[POST-SCRIPT: Just FYI, pics are optional just like last round. Upload them to Flickr (or similar set-up) if you decide to use them.]

[PS2: Please e-mail me your entries by Sunday night at 9 pm.]

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  1. ooooooh, nice challenge Jeremy. Too bad I’m not in the contest. This chemist would have totally kicked ass!

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