Gourmet Survivor 2004: The Fourth Challenge—“Vegetables for Dessert” (By Clotilde)

Ladies and gentleman, it is my great honor and privilege to present this week’s guest judge and jury. She’s been featured in Gourmet magazine, the LA Times and Hugh Heffner’s effort at a food magazine, Playsoy. (Just kidding about the last one). She even has a book deal in the works. She’s truly the summit to which all food bloggers aspire. She is Clotilde and she’s the author of Chocolate & Zucchini and we’re so lucky to have her!

Here’s her challenge to the remaining survivor players:

Prepare a dessert involving one or several kinds of vegetables. It has to be original and surprising (not necessarily your own creation, but no carrot cakes, zucchini breads, corn breads…), and it has to be edible, and even tasty. The guest judge will pay special attention to creativity and presentation, so unleash your inner Martha, we know you keep her hidden in there!

I think this sounds fun, interesting and mighty challenging. Best of luck, players!

6 thoughts on “Gourmet Survivor 2004: The Fourth Challenge—“Vegetables for Dessert” (By Clotilde)”

  1. When do you want us to post the challenge recipe ? Is there a time limit ? Thanks (I’m now looking for ideas… something with onions maybe!).

  2. Just curious: how are you defining “vegetable”? There’s the botanical definition, which would exclude fruits-we-call-veg like tomatoes, squash, & cucumbers, but which would allow veg-we-call-fruit like rhubarb. Or there’s the simpler definition: “Would you ordinarily serve it as a main or side dish, not a dessert? Okay, it’s a veg!” :-)

  3. Oh, now I see the plan. Vote the vegetarian off before the veg-based challenge.

    Good luck you guys! I think I may try this one on my own just for kicks. It’s too ‘Iron Chef’ to pass up. :)

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