Gourmet Survivor 2004: The First Challenge–Don’t Know Much About History

Attention Gourmet Survivor Contestants:

Here is your first challenge.

You must find a historical recipe and then cook said recipe. You may take pictures of the process (but you don’t have to) and if you do you must upload them, once again, to Flickr. You must write about your experience and tell us all about the historical significance of your dish. You must e-mail me your entry by Sunday night at 9 pm EST. I will put the entries up on the site and the readers will vote on Monday on who they want to have immunity based on the quality of your submissions. [Please don’t get your friends to log on and vote for you to have immunity as that will defeat the purpose of you doing a good job. If I suspect that’s happening, I may intervene and have your friends bludgeoned.] On Monday night I will declare who has immunity after which you all have until Tuesday night to e-mail me who you want voted off the island. If you don’t vote, that’s a vote against yourself. On Wednesday I will declare who was voted off the island and issue your next challenge. Good luck to all!


TAG—Gourmet Survivor Coordinator

11 thoughts on “Gourmet Survivor 2004: The First Challenge–Don’t Know Much About History”

  1. Just want to double-check, since you didn’t have any problems with viewing my photos, do you mind if I continue to post them on my website, rather than flicker?

  2. A Big Fan of the AG

    AG, you need a symbolic gesture when someone is voted off.

    Instead of extinguishing a torch, or bluntly stating “You’re fired”, you need something that signals defeat in the kitchen.

    Any ideas?

  3. A Big Fan has a pretty neat idea. On Survivor when you’re voted off it’s a torch because fire symbolizes life.

    AG Survivor revolves around cooking so what would be symbolic? A picture of a kitchen with the ‘no smoking’ red circle with a line through it? A picture of TAG presenting a fast food menu to the person voted off? Someone stomping a chef’s hat, maybe?

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