Gourmet Survivor 2004: The First Vote-Off (A Video)

The results of the first vote-off are in, and it is my sad duty to report them. Instead of using text, however, here’s a Quicktime tribute video to our first player voted off… Enjoy! (Those without Quicktime can cheat by holding their mouse over the file and seeing its name…but that isn’t any fun, is it?)

The First Vote-Off Video.

9 thoughts on “Gourmet Survivor 2004: The First Vote-Off (A Video)”

  1. Whoops, my extra comments didn’t show up because I put them in tags.

    It was supposed to say (Imagine Cheesey Middle School Yearbook Scrawl…)

  2. Ah well, I figured I’d be the first to go. . . my creative juices haven’t been flowing lately. I haven’t watched the video yet (should I be nervous??) but I will later today when I have time. Thanks for including me and good luck to the rest of the players!

  3. Don’t take it too hard, Amanda (and the video is fine, really :) It could’ve been any of us… Stick around, we’ll enjoy your commentary!

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