Gourmet Survivor 2004: Immunity and The First Vote

For her time machine ingenuity and her knack for kidnapping, Dallas has been given immunity by the Amateur Gourmet community. Which means that Survivor contestants: you have until tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 11 pm to e-mail me who you want voted off the island. Of course, because she is immune you can’t vote Dallas off the island. If you do not vote it counts as a vote against yourself. If you vote for Dallas it counts as a vote against yourself. Dallas, you can still vote.

The Shaming

To make things more interesting, those who received zero immunity votes–Amanda and Nick–must vote their votes publicly. They must do so in the form of an apology letter to the person they are voting off the island. They must do this in the comments section for this post.

Special Note

I should add (lest “The Shaming” paint me as a bad guy) that I thought all the entries were terrific. I spent my Labor Day morning reading through them all and was impressed with everyone’s creativity and spunk. Hope this zest for competition continues! And if anyone’s discouraged that this is turning into a popularity contest, the next round will be judged by an as-yet-to-be-named outside foodblogger. Onward Gourmet soldier!

5 thoughts on “Gourmet Survivor 2004: Immunity and The First Vote”

  1. I’m going to be the evil first voter and say Nick, but only because he was late on the entry scavenger hunt. Promptness is a virtue or builds character or something like that, according to my mom.

  2. My Dear Amanda,

    It is with a heavy heart and a profound sorrow that I publicly cast my vote for thee.

    In reading your post I was amused, but pained by the random meter of the rhyme.

    Please note

    That this vote

    Is strictly in the game

    And that I’m sure

    You’re a lovely girl

    And good luck

    All the same



    your fellow foodie

  3. Dear Nick,

    Well I suppose that based on the immunity it’s either you or me, so I’m going to vote for you, survival of the fittest and all that. Because I figure, at least I turned mine in on time (“oh snap, no she di-in’t”). But anyhow, I’m just playing the game (don’t hate the playa, hate tha game). I do admire your effort, you probably had the most historical recipe out of all of us. But as any good competitor knows, you have to take out the toughest competition. And while you were able to turn mere flour and water into the body of Christ, my recipe was a poem (although apparently a bad one). So here is my apologetic vote. Sorry. (solemn pause) And good luck. May the best foodie win.


    Amanda K

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