Gourmet Survivor 2004: And Then There Were Five—“Missionary Veal.”

Like angry bowling pins that refuse to topple they remain: Dallas, Harry, Andrea, Michelle and Nick. Who will be the next to fall? On to our next challenge…

I like to call this challenge: “Missionary Veal.” (Get it? Like missionary zeal?) Anyway, here’s what you gotta do. Introduce us to someone you know who hates a certain food. “Marvin hates onions.” “Nancy hates cabbage.” You get the idea.

Your challenge is to sell them on the food they hate by preparing that ingredient in ways that might convert them. Should you fail, you may still be rewarded for your creativity, humor and effort. The readers will be voting immunity this round, so crank up the charm. The photo policy is the same as last round—as long as you post it to an outside server I’m happy to link to it—and all entries are due Sunday by 9 pm.

Good luck!

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