Double Immunity and Mass Controversy

Political intrigue and international espionage taint this round of Gourmet Survivor. For the specifics, read the comments to the last post. After much reflection I have decided to have the operation. You will now refer to me as Cindy.

Harry and Dallas have immunity this round. I feel this is fair because Clotilde’s logic for choosing Dallas was that the readers wouldn’t vote Harry off. But the readers don’t vote. That’s the rub. And since the consensus was that Harry’s was the best (based on comments and Clotilde’s post) it would be ridiculous not to grant him immunity. Plus this is all silly nonsense and you should all concentrate on more important matters like your daughter’s school play which you missed to read this. Shame on you. Shame!

[Contestants please e-mail me your vote by 11 tomorrow. To keep things fun your votes will be published for all to shake their fist at. Ciao!]

5 thoughts on “Double Immunity and Mass Controversy”

  1. Egads, DOUBLE immunity and PUBLIC vote posting!?!?! I think you’ve been eating out too much this week, dear AG! I suppose no more group dating after this round.

  2. Yeah, I’m with Michelle there. I tried but it got sent back to me.

    Since voting is gonna end up public anyway – I’m … nah, I’ll just see what you’re decision is on this ;)

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