Best Of Atlanta 2004

Yay! Thanks readers of Creative Loafing for voting me Best Local Blogger! I love living in Atlanta and plan to live up to my title!

[Psst…nobody mention the whole I don’t live in Atlanta anymore I live in New York now thing, ok? That’s our little secret.]

2 thoughts on “Best Of Atlanta 2004”

  1. i’m an atlantan who just found you, after my mom pre-arranged our wedding and then gave me your web address, but you ARE the best and we miss you already… maybe you could pretend to still “eat atlanta”… what are the postal regulations regarding food? can i send you a peach cobbler?

  2. that better be my daughter erin in the prior comment, or otherwise back off you little flirt. i saw him first for my daughter and we can send him peach cobbler with Jake’s vanilla bean ice cream.

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