Anticipating the Tumbleweed

I had my Tisch orientation yesterday and another function tonight and I loved every minute of it. This is going to be a phenomenal program. However, I must tell you that our instructors have made it very clear that the program is rigorous, that we must invest ourselves fully in our concentration, and that our focus must be entirely on the craft of playwriting (not the craft of foodblogging). As of right now, I plan to keep things going–albeit at a much slower pace. So the daily posts will probably cease, as will the free mints on your pillow. If, as the semester progresses, I see that I can do both playwriting and foodblogging effectively without the latter hurting the former, then posts shall grow more plentiful. We’ll have to feel it out these next few weeks, but if things seem quiet I wanted you to know why. And, in other news, Hurricane Frances has knocked my parents back up the coast to New York where they will, once again, feed me until I explode. More on that as the weekend progresses.

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