Thai Delivery in New York

Maybe you can order Thai in Atlanta, I’m not here to compare apples and peaches. However I never attempted to order Thai in Atlanta. I did attempt to order Thai in New York tonight and it came promptly, despite the fact that I was out of the Thai place’s range. The place was called Rungsit II (I found it on CitySearch) and I had trouble communicating with the woman on the phone:

Me: Do you have ginger chicken?

Woman: We have chicken black fungus.

Me: Excuse me?

Woman: Yes yes, ginger chicken black fungus.

Me: You mean mushrooms?

Woman: Yes, yes. Black mushroom.

So I ordered that and a Thai iced tea. And indeed the ginger chicken had black fungus:


Big fat juicy mushrooms. The food wasn’t great, but it was Thai food and it was delivered and that made me happy.

I already have 80 menus collected from under-the-door slippage, so I’ll be ordering in a lot and sharing the results. Viva New York delivery!

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  1. They won’t deliver to your neighborhood (and I’m not even sure if they deliver at all) but the best Thai in New York as far as I’m concerned is Pong Sri on the corner of Bayard & Baxter. It’s cheap and casual but the food is fantastic.

  2. Do you know about It’ got its flaws but can be a great resource if you have only a little bit of info.

  3. Pong Sri is a sorry excuse for a Thai restaurant. The heat in the dishes is nowhere near what it should be. Even when you ask for it “spicy”, it’s still freakin’ bland.

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