Quick Pics from Today

Finally, some quick pics from today…

(1) I did a quick perusal through the Union Square Greenmarket. It’s awesome! When I get my pots and pans and other cooking equipment (like the large vibrating egg slicer), I’ll make my way back here and buy fresh produce to cook with for you all:


(2) Then I made it over to the Strand, a historic giant reduced-price book store with a killer cookbook section. Check it, yo:


I purchased Ruth Reichl’s “Tender At The Bone” for $7 and started reading it today while I did laundry.

(3) New York’s best kept secret? Probably not, because lots of people know that you can get sandwiches at Balthazar for like $7. I did that today with an egg salad sandwich which was, I must confess, pretty standard; but the bread was great.


The pastries, I should add, however, looked mind-bogglingly good. Next time I’ll skip the sandwich.

5 thoughts on “Quick Pics from Today”

  1. I love the Union Square greenmarket – you are so lucky to have that nearby. Fantastic fruits, vegetables and flowers (and even a lady who will tell you about worm composting). Best of all it’s not just a once-a-week deal – it’s open four days a week. Can’t wait to see what you whip up in your new kitchen!

  2. Tender at the Bone is a great book. The other one she wrote, Comfort Me With Apples, is not as good, but still enjoyable. I love Ruth Reichl’s style.

  3. You went to the basement of Strand, too, right? New hardback books for half off (“reviewer copies”)- great for new cookbooks. And if you find a nice Strand worker, they’ll go in the back and look if what you want isn’t on the shelves.

    The farmer’s market is great towards closing time if you’re pinching pennies.

  4. How exciting! I work right near Union Square and therefore spend many lunches and afternoons doing just what you describe: going to the greenmarket and hanging out at the Strand. It’s funny to see you writing about places I know now. Incidentally, I also bought a $7 copy of Tender at the Bone at the Strand a few months ago. A Cook’s Tour was also something like $5, if I remember correctly.

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