Not Without My Garbage Disposal

After the Thai food was consumed tonight, I began to do what I always do which is, basically, dump it all in the sink and turn on the garbage disposal. Only: where’s the switch? On that note, where’s the disposal?

What’s that you say? No disposal?



How am I supposed to dispose of my garbage! What kind of city is THIS!

Madness I tell you madness!

13 thoughts on “Not Without My Garbage Disposal”

  1. As they say, NY is not America. Anyway, down here in Europe I’ve never seen a garbage disposal unit. We don’t have them. Instead, we toss stuff into the bin. Not as compact, but on the plus side: it will never eat your finger. Of course, I secretly wish we had a real garbage disposal unit, but I don’t think they are even for sale down here…

  2. Yes, never seen a “garbage” disposal unit in the United Kingdom. I always found the idea of them strangely thrilling as a child, but now I have to say that they don’t appeal very much – where does all the churned up gunk they must produce go? It has to be said that I also hate bits of food in the sink (“It’s on my hands! It’s on my haaaaaands!!!! AieeeEEEE!!!”).

  3. Apparently the NY sewer-system couldn’t handle it if everyone in NY had garbage disposals… I think there’s some small pockets of the city where the sewer system is adequate, but for the most part they don’t exist.

  4. The real question is… does it have a dishwasher??? I absolutely can not live in a house with no dishwasher. I’m such a slob the the whole kitchen ends up looking like something from a crack house. Doing dishes is the worst.

  5. ok- this is kind of off topic.

    one of the greatest chefs of modern times, julia child, recently died, and there’s no tribute by the AG? what kind of food website is this!? :-)

    i want some julia child posts immediately!

    soup de jour!

  6. Yes, I haven’t had a garbage disposal for years, so I finally bought a screen to catch the food. Before I had the screen, my pet peeve was when people dumped food in the sink (hello! Can’t you see that there’s no disposal?). Or if they left soggy cereal in the bowls. In all these cases, I had to fish out food with my hands. How disgusting!

  7. That sucks. When I moved out for college, some friends and I rented a charming (overpriced) frame house on campus. It was disposal-free, but one of the girls figured out an alternative. For things like soup or cereal that are the tricky things to dispose of, flushing them works really well. Hope that helps.

  8. That’s a Demetri Martinism:

    “My plumbing is all screwed up… because it turns out, I do not own a garbage disposal.”

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