New AG Headquarters

No, I didn’t cook for you tonight, I’m afraid. Instead, though, I built a desk. Look:


Today involved much walking. First a walk to Bed, Bath and Beyond (where I saw Kyan from Queer Eye; shouldn’t he be shopping for hair products?), then The Container Store, Staples and The Door Store all on a quest for desk. No dice.

Luckily, I came back and used the wonderful resource that is the internet and found A.I. Friedman, only 9 blocks away. There I found a glass-topped desk that could be delivered within hours. Perfect!

So instead of souffle, I present to you my new base of operations:


Smashing, no? Smashable too. Please don’t smash my desk, it’s glass. Unless you want to get married. I am Jewish, after all.

2 thoughts on “New AG Headquarters”

  1. The desk is amazing, but you should have come out with me to Republic instead. The waiters use giant palm pilots to take your order and I got some delicious beef skewers and magno mojitos!

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