My Internet Situation

Should my move to New York ever provide fodder for a novel, one of the themes of that novel might be “Big Corporations Suck.” Specifically, there was that moving company that screwed me over, now it’s RCN. To be fair, RCN didn’t really screw me over—they simply promised they’d be at my apartment today between 2 and 5 to set up my internet and then didn’t show up. The guy I dealt with who has a funny name (let’s call him K.P. Fizzlepuss) was pretty unapologetic. Welcome to New York, you might say. Now my internet set-up date is undetermined but at least I found a coffee shop with free wireless internet (thanks to those who pointed out I shouldn’t be paying for it!). Funny, I’m drinking an iced latte after having just consumed a good burger at Good Burger (I’ll write about that some day)–Amanda Hesser would be mad. But not as mad as I am at Corporate America!

POSTSCRIPT: RCN just called: they’re coming tomorrow. Please disregard the sentiments above.

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