My Chelsea Market Eating Adventure

Lest you think Survivor shall trump my regular food posts, I say this to you. Ha! Never!

Now then, yesterday I trekked down to the Chelsea Market which is at the foot of Chelsea and on the doorstep of the Meatpacking District. Therefore, everyone in the Chelsea Market was incredibly attractive. See the Meatpacking District is incredibly trendy right now, and so all the trendy people must eat after wild nights of debauchery and I suppose the Chelsea Market is the place to do that. Naturally, I blended right in.

I did a tentative walk-through before I committed to any lunch spot. The most popular place, by far, was a soup and sandwich place with a gigantic line snaking out the door. I decided I would pass on that since the masses never make good decisions together. Unless you read “The Wisdom of Crowds,” which I haven’t.

Instead, I spied with my eye something crustacean passing by. Indeed, it was The Lobster Place. (See photo:)


This place was huge and covered with ice and fish and had a big sign in the window, “Lobster Rolls, $9.” I figured since this was a special occassion–after all I walked MILES upon MILES to get there, I would try said lobster roll. And that I did:


There were certain things I enjoyed about the lobster roll. Among them:

1) The lobster tasted very fresh, which I’m sure it was;

2) The roll itself was perfect to hold the lobster salad;

3) I liked the tomato garnish.

Things I didn’t enjoy:

1) The lobster was way chewy and at one point, when I had too much lobster in my mouth, my teeth couldn’t really chomp through everything and I was scared I would choke. Do you ever have choking panic attacks? I get those sometimes. What would you do if you started choking in the Chelsea Market? Get an attractive person to give you the heimlich? Maybe. Fortunately, the food went down ok.

2) Now I don’t want to point fingers, but all day after said lobster roll my stomach was a bit achy. This lasted well into the night and I had trouble falling asleep. Was it the lobster? Perhaps. The other culprit may have been…

A brownie from Fat Witch brownie:


This brownie was tasty (mine had white chocolate chips) but had a certain unfamiliar undercooked quality that may have involved some sort of stomach poison? I’m not sure. In any case, I enjoyed my food at the Chelsea Market on a superficial level. It was just the stomach nightmare that ensued that paints my memory a darker color.

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