Live From New York

Aight, peeps, yo’ homeboy freshstuff gourmet kicking it up to ya live here from da big appilio, NYC style fo’ realz.

But seriously.

Hello! I am here typing to you from the Starbucks on 27th and 6th because my apartment is still internetless. This Starbucks wireless costs $6 an hour, not a terrible price, but not cheap either so let’s make this fast. My move went smoothly, there was nary a peep from Lolita on the plane. My apartment is beautiful: I hadn’t seen it because my parents picked it out, so I opened the door with some trepidation. Alas, it’s a great space with a great view. There’s even a cafe next door where I had a kickin’ chocolate croissant the other day for breakfast. And the Subway is only three blocks away.

I am loving it here. The energy is infectious and I find myself wandering gleefully all over town: I walked yesterday from Chelsea to Union Square to NYU to SoHo to Greenwich Village and then hopped a train uptown and grabbed a student rush ticket ($26, 6th row orchestra) for “Caroline, Or Change” which was truly wonderful. Last night for dinner, Lisa and I ate in the Village and Michael Musto (one of my heroes) was three tables over. [Our waitress was comically inept: she took forever getting our food out, and when we finally asked for the check she gave us a blank stare and asked, “What did you guys have?”]

Today, Dana and I ate at Bubby’s in TriBeCa (which, I learned, means Triangle Below Canal) and we each had a goat cheese omelette. I’ve been fighting something of a weird throat ailment with contraband antibiotics and today I’m starting to feel better. Internet should arrive in my apartment Wednesday between 2 and 5. Furniture should arrive Friday (God-willing). And the family arrives Thursday night for a weekend of gluttony, which you’ll hear all about. So get ready kids… your favorite Gourmet is getting New-Yorkified. Fo’ realz! [More Wednesday.]

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  1. Adam –

    Congrats on getting to New York successfully. It seems very exciting – and it also seems like you have a money tree growing in your apartment too. :-)

    I actually have a recommendation – Hero Boy! It’s a sandwich shop that’s been around since the 40’s, I think, and it’s tres bon. I could get you more directions if you like – they had a chicken parmiagian sandwich that I dug when I was there.

    Back to work for me…or something…

  2. A Big Fan of the AG

    Yeah, you have arrived safely!

    When I last visited NY in 1995, I too contracted a weird throat ailment. Down by a pharmacy near Lincoln Center I found Streptocils, the best damn throat losenges I ever had. Highly recommend these little bullets! Don’t know what makes them work, but they kept me breathing for the rest of my stay.

  3. Stop spending those six bucks. Bryant Park has free wireless.

    I literally stumbled across this blog today, so I have no clue who you are or what you like, but for an amateur gourmet, New York must be a dream.

    Hopefully you’ll have plenty of time on your own to discover the flaky, buttery goodness of Ceci Cela croissants, the unbelievable Indian food at Jackson Diner, the hour-long wait for sushi at Tomoe, and the cheesecakes at Magnolia Bakery (yes the cupcakes are good too, but no one ever seems to give credit to the cheesecake).

    Welcome to New York.

  4. Get used to the Michael Musto sightings. He’s practicaly unavoidable.

    If Wallace Shawn gets in your way in the Citarella on 6th & 9th, smack him in the ass for me. I miss New York.

  5. Glad the move went okay, and welcome to New York!

    Too bad you couldn’t make the MeFi meetup (I believe I still owe you a videotape), but we’ll have to get together for a Katz’s/Paul’s (the best burger in NY, if not the world)/Rice to Riches run.

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