Julia Child Is Dead

It’s true. And while I never had a chance to really watch her show or work my way through her books, I know how important and influential she was in the world of cooking. I know she will be missed.

6 thoughts on “Julia Child Is Dead”

  1. Loved her and her work so much I named my only child after her. Sigh. Everyone add a little more butter to tonite’s dinner in her memory.

  2. I know, I was in shock when I found out. She was the type that you don’t think could ever die. Everyone that has picked up a spatula ever since owes her a bit of gratitude.

  3. That is so sad. I actually just saw the story on MSNBC and hit up my food blogs list to see what the community was saying.

    I think I’m going to dig out my old copy of “The Way to Cook” and prepare something in her honor.

  4. *Sniff*

    Tonight and every Friday the 13th from now on shall be Julia Child Memorial Day and I shall cook really good food that is as fatening as it needs to be with wine.

  5. Never saw any shows, never cooked from the books, but I do have a signed copy of one of the books plus the material from Robert Mondavi Winery when she conducted classes there in May 1986…$3100 for a 5 day class.

    I liked that she advocated the use of lots of butter.

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