Food Network Maraton: 2-2:30, Food Finds


The difference between Food Finds and Best Of is? Ummm, different hosts?

Otherwise it’s the exact same show. I think it’s equally pointless. Although some guy just made sticky buns that looked good. How did he make them? Sorry, for that you’ll have to watch another show.

I bet these shows are more expensive to produce than the other shows. I mean they have to pay for travel, hotels, meals out… Of course, they probably make money on these shows: I know they sell them to Delta. They’re so banal and inoffensive that airlines can safely show them to people trapped on a plane. Can you imagine paying $5 to buy headphones to watch this?

Bring a book.

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  1. I agree with the comparison. I just want to mention the headphones are usually free when you don’t travel with US Airways.

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