Food Network Maraton: 12:30-1, How To Boil Water


More with Tyler Florence and a perky co-host who reminds me of Reese Witherspoon in Election.

This woman is such a spazz. They’re making Teriyaki chicken wings and while making the sauce, Tyler asks her to add the brown sugar. She opens the box and begins shaking and the entire BAG falls into the pot. The woman yelps and Tyler says, “It must be really humid in here today.” Huh?

Anyway, this show is painless and innocuous. Tyler, the producers must feel, needs a foil but I disagree. Unlike Bobby Flay, I think he can anchor his own show. Let’s hang Ms. Perky out to dry. Actually, Tyler’s kind of funny when she does stupid things. She just said: “Exsqueeze me,” as she squeezed by him. The pain in Tyler’s face was worth the price of admission.

Ha, actually this show is getting funny. I like how hostile Tyler is. The chicken wings came out of the oven and he wants her to toss them in the sauce. She shifts them around with the tongs. “Can you toss them?” presses Tyler, “Like from the bottom?” You can taste the tension.

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  1. Tyler has a third show? What is this? I’ve never heard of it. We don’t have it in Canada, and from your review, I’m glad.

    Have you ever watched Tyler’s Ultimate? Now that’s a show.

  2. The Food Network thinks Tyler Florence needs a co-host as foil? That’s like thinking that Alton Brown needs a co-host as foil. Pfui.

  3. The whole idea of the show is to teach how to cook to someone who barely knows “how to boil water”. Jack is what, in French, is called a “Candide”, someone who has everything to learn, and Tyler is there to help (it used to be Frederic, a friendly French chef…).

  4. I’ve been lurking at Adam’s site since, oh, right around the end of school. I came out into the open just to say I agree with Estelle! Bring back Frederic! My Tivo and I miss him lots.

    Say it with me, Estelle: “Here’satipforyou!”

  5. I thought she looked familiar… she’s on local TV, here in NE Ohio. I like her, she’s kind of charming, but I’m not sure how I feel about pairing her with Tyler. She writes and performs in a comedy troupe here… I hope she doesn’t get to “jokey” with him. I don’t think he can handle it. Plus, we don’t really need another “Dinner & A Movie”, now do we?

  6. I haven’t seen this incarnation. I remember one from around 8 years ago with a male “host” (Candide, if you will), and a female chef who sat on a chair on the edge of the set. There was a good chemistry to the show, and I think I learned alot. She eventually crept closer and closer, and by the next season or so she was up there cooking with him. The magic was gone, and I lost interest. I’m interested to see this one, now.

  7. news update — have you watched it lately? i swear they’re in love. they laugh and tease and make goo-goo eyes at each other. tyler is having a great time now. jack is aglow and so is the show.

  8. Jolene B. Morgan

    I love the “how to boil water” show, now that Tyler Florence is on it. And I really like Jac, the girl who is on with him,she is a doll. They are perfect together. Ther is chemistry betweem them that adds to the spice of the show. What is her full name and would love to see the two of them on more frequently. The are a absolutely perfect “Food network match.

  9. Jolene B. Morgan

    Would like to add that Tyler and Jac are a winning team on “How to boil water”, the Food network’s up and coming hit segment, they are, in my opinion, the Desi and Lucy of 2004. More information on Jac, her background and her life back in her native Canada, would be most appreciated. She is a star in her own right and she is a great and spunky addition to the Food network. And Tyler Forence along with Rachael Ray have made the Food network truly worth watching, They are now Super Stars of the Food network. Ina Garten is a rising star also.

  10. Jolene B. Morgan

    I am a faithful viewer of the Food network,and would very much like the answer to my previous inquiry,as to the complete name and Bio on the girl who is on the Food networks show “How to boil water”. So much information is availuble about all other Food network people, but none about Jac Corrigan.

  11. If you want to find out more about Jac Corrigan from How to Boil Water you’re going to have a tough time. Try searching for Jack Hourigan instead. Might have a little better luck.

  12. they used to have a brunette who was not annoying who they traded for the annoying blonde and then they traded the french guy. i like the original formula.

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